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Help the Huber Heights Fire Department get on the Ellen Show!

For those of you that may not know the Huber Heights Firefighters Local 2926, is currently recognized as the nation’s #1 breast cancer awareness fire department for funds raised throughout October.  The guys and gals at the HHFD work tirelessly to ensure the fundraising efforts for the Pink Ribbon Girls increase year after year.  This year they have set the goal of getting on the Ellen Show and they need your help to do it!  Please watch, like and share the video below to get Ellen’s attention and to support the HHFD Local 2926 Go Pink or Go Home efforts!

To learn more about the efforts and mission of the HHFD Local 2926 Go Pink or Go Home campaign please check out and to learn more about how the Pink Ribbon girls assist those affected by Breast Cancer check out

The AFS Revolution: Full Access Awareness with a Doorbell Sensor

You can now increase awareness around your home or businesses major access points with an AFS Revolution doorbell sensor.  The AFS Revolution doorbell sensor can integrate with other security devices for a smarter integrated solution.

With the AFS Revolution Doorbell Sensor you can:

  • Receive notification when the doorbell sensor rings
  • Automate lights when the doorbell sensor rings
  • Capture video clips when the doorbell sensor rings

For more information or to order a doorbell sensor call (937) 262-7937 or visit our web site today!

AFS Revolution Doorbell Sensor


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