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Get a new look for your alarm system with a TouchScreen Keypad!

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For years we have all had the same “basic” keypad in our business.  Now DSC as well as several other manufacturers have come out with a Touchscreen Keypad for your businesses alarm system.

The slim modern looking design and the ease of use of the touchscreen are just a few of the nice features that DSC has added to their new touchscreen keypads.  However, my favorite feature of this keypad is that you can use it as a photo album, meaning you can actually use it to display your new products or other photos you would want your customers to see while they were waiting in your office or lobby.

I also like that you can also customize your home screens so that the most used functions of your alarm system are easily accessible.

Below you will find a list if features that DSC highlights on their web page:

  • 7″ full color display
  • Slim modern design (800×480 resolution)
  • Intuitive LED indication of security system status
  • Picture frame feature
  • Clock feature
  • Output control
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Customizable home screen and wallpaper
  • Menu user programming
  • Installer programming
  • Virtual keypad
  • SD card
  • Digital picture frame mode

If your business is looking to upgrade the look and feel of their alarm system this keypad is compatible with the following DSC models: PC1864, PC1832, PC1616 and is available in English, French, and Spanish.

For more information on how to upgrade your DSC Security Alarm System keypad contact American Fire & Security today at (937) 262-7937 or toll free at (877) 237-8918.

Stay Safe!

The Security Girl

DSC_l_Powerseries Touchscr_rignt_angle

DSC Touchscreen Keypad

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