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Avoiding False Alarms

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One of the biggest complaints we hear from business owners is false alarms.  Most cities will fine your business if they have too many false alarms, which is an unnecessary cost for your business.

Here are some tips to help reduce the number of false alarms your business has:

1) Train all employees on how to use your alarm system correctly.

2) Hold regularly scheduled trainings for your employees to ensure that your employees are aware of any changes to your alarm system.  For example: A change in your alarm pass code.

3)  Move hanging objects away from motion detectors and sensors.

4)  Make sure all doors and windows are locked/secure before arming your system.

5) Be aware of holiday related false alarms due to untrained seasonal or temporary help.

6)  Carelessness due to long hours or office parties.

7)  Inform your alarm company of any change in pass codes and of new or unauthorized users.

8)  Service and maintain your alarm system regularly before a false alarm occurs.  I recommend that your have your alarm company test your system annually to help prevent false alarms.

If there is a question as to weather or not your security system is working properly contact your alarm monitoring company immediately and have them check the status of your alarm system and devices.  Also, be sure to upgrade your alarm panel every seven to ten years to make sure your business has the best  alarm system possible.

If you have a question about any of the above listed tips please contact your alarm monitoring company or American Fire and Security at 877-237-8918.

Stay Safe!!

The Security Girl

Annual Alarm System Test

Annual Alarm System Test

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